Ganesh #5 - Acrylic

Kabir Das paints portraits of the people and saints of India and of the gods of India. The medium is watercolor on paper, complimented with sparkle and glitter. His most popular paintings are dramatic, colorful and whimsical of the Hindu elephant-headed god, Ganesh. Among the many Hindu deities, Ganesh hold a special place: no worship or other auspicious activity can begin without first invoking his blessings . Like all the Hindu gods, Ganesh represents aspects of our own higher selves. Ganesh is the "Remover of Obstacles", and his image, statue or painting, hang prominently in many homes and places of business. He is also the god of wisdom and learning, invoked by students of all disciplines. Paintings of Ganesh and of the saints and people of India by Kabir Das hang in private collections in North America, Europe and India, as well as in Yoga studios everywhere.

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